M.Sc Economics Solved Assignments Autumn 2021

AIOU Master Academy Solved Assignments

Code Book Name View Assignments
801 Introduction to Microeconomics Waiting For Assignments
802 Introduction to Macroeconomics Waiting For Assignments
803 Mathematics for Economists Waiting For Assignments
804 Statistics for Economist View Assignments
805 Advanced Microeconomics View Assignments
806 Advanced Macroeconomics View Assignments
807 Basic Econometrics View Assignments
808 Public Finance and Fiscal Policy View Assignments
810 Economic Planning: Techniques & Applications View Assignments
811 Monetary Theory and Policy View Assignments
4671 Development Economics-I View Assignments
4672 Development Economics-II View Assignments
4673 International Economics-I Waiting For Assignments
4674 International Economics-II Waiting For Assignments
4675 Islamic Economics-I Waiting For Assignments
4676 Islamic Economics-II Waiting For Assignments
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