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How to Apply Online for Degree/Certificate in AIOU

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) being one of the largest distance learning universities has revolutionized its degree application process with an online tracking system for programs (Matric, F.A, B.A, B.Ed, M.A, M.Ed, and Ph.D.). The vouchers for the fee of degree (urgent or normal) are available on the AIOU website and even one can fill fields online and pay in different banks.

In this guide, we’ll move through each step essentially required for local (students in Pakistan) and foreign students to apply and get degrees shipped (posted) to their houses directly. Also, we’ll walk you through some precautions so that information-filled documents are not returned.

We’ll discuss the most common problems faced by the students with their comprehensive solutions. If in any of the processes you have any queries, we’ll guide you through WhatsApp.

How to Get AIOU Degree/Certificate (Full Guidance)

People do not know the way to get their Certificate(Sanad) from AIOU and we are sharing with you the latest and updated method to Apply for the degree.

Table of Content

  • Fill out the Challan Form Online
  • Add Unpaid Dues
  • Pay Challan in Bank/Easypaisa
  • Urgent/Normal Degree Delivery Days
  • Fill Degree Form
  • Compulsory Attachments Detail
  • Post to AIOU
  • Track Degrees and Monitor Incomplete Applications

Fill Degree Form

It is a simple form where student’s information needs to be filled in. Some of the key points are given below while filling out your degree form.

  • Check the box for (urgent/normal) in the top left corner
  • Write down re-appear and the full fee in the blanks
  • Add information about your passed subjects with their code numbers, total number, and semester (the semester in which the subject was passed)
  • The required attachments for each program/level are different. So, see your degree attachments row carefully and attach only notarized (attested) documents.
  • Attach an original copy of paid challan (keep a record of the challan by photocopying or taking the picture by phone)
  • All attached documents should be ATTESTED WITH THE NAME OF ATTESTING AUTHORITY.
  • B.COM and BBA students should attach their internship certificates as well.

Example: For B.A or B.Ed degree you should attach Matric, F.A, and B.A Credentials. Also, don’t forget to attach the Original Degrees Of Your Previous Classes.

All other things are fairly explanatory and simple. If you are striving for something you can Contact Us On WhatsApp. (0333-5455195/0321-5455195)

Download Assignment 

Fill out the Challan Form Online

The challan form is available online ( and one can fill the following information in the online form to generate their challan form

  • Name
  • Father Name
  • Roll Number (optional)
  • CNIC

The challan essentials are filled online. Once the submit button is clicked challan form is available on the web which can be printed or saved to print later.

One other thing to consider is the amount section of the form. Different degrees have different fees.

AIOU re-appear fee for different programs

In most cases, students left their re-appear fee or workshop fee during any of the semesters. Add those unpaid dues to the original degree amount.

Example: If you have to apply for a B.Ed degree and you also have to pay a re-appear fee for two subjects, then you’ll add the amount of the total as follow:
Normal Fee: 1000 + (2 * 400) = 1800 total
Urgent Fee: 2000 + (2 * 400) = 2800 total

Note: If you have unpaid dues left, your degree forms will be rejected. So, be careful and pay all dues to avoid rejections.

Payment Methods

Submit Your Fee Through EP/JC Or Bank

  • Allied Bank Limited (ABL)
  • Easypaisa/JazzCash

Submitted challan copy should be saved properly even one can snapshot with their phone.

If you are striving for something you can Contact Us On WhatsApp. (0333-5455195/0321-5455195)

Track Degrees and Monitor Incomplete Applications

Once your degree is reached to the AIOU office via post or courier you must keep an eye on the latest status.

There are two possibilities either an application is accepted (you can track degree) or returned to the student with objection (see incomplete applications).

Here are the important links:

If you are striving for something you can Contact Us On WhatsApp. (0333-5455195/0321-5455195)

How To Post.

Post to AIOU

Write down the following address to post forms to AIOU. Attach Attested Copies Of Degrees & Challan Form With Degree Form. Take a Posting Envelope Write Down Your Posting Address With your Name On One Side And On the Other Side Write Down The Address Given Below.

AIOU address to post forms.
If you are striving for something you can Contact Us On WhatsApp. (0333-5455195/0321-5455195)

Urgent/Normal Degree Delivery Days

With an urgent fee, the degree will be ready in 45 Days as Per New Rules and delivered to your address. Usually, with the urgent fee, it takes 2 Months to reach your degree home (including post-delays). Degrees are sent via Pakistan Post to your doorsteps.

I recommend an urgent fee for fast delivery as it takes under a month.

If you are striving for something you can Contact Us On WhatsApp. (0333-5455195/0321-5455195)

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