M.A EPM Solved Assignments Autumn 2021

AIOU Master Academy Solved Assignments

Code Book Name View Assignments
6559 Processes of Educational Planning-I View Assignments
6560 Processes of Educational Planning-II View Assignments
6563 Curriculum Planning and Evaluation-I View Assignments
6564 Curriculum Planning and Evaluation-II View Assignments
6565 Economic and Financing of Education-I Waiting For Assignments
6566 Economic and Financing of Education-II Waiting For Assignments
6567 Development Education-I View Assignments
6568 Development Education-II View Assignments
6569 Educational Research and Statistics-I Waiting For Assignments
6570 Educational Research and Statistics-II Waiting For Assignments
6571 Project Implementation, Monitoring, and Evaluation-I View Assignments
6572 Project Implementation, Monitoring, and Evaluation-II View Assignments
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