AUTUMN 2020 MA HISTORY Solved Assignments

AIOU Master Academy Solved Assignments
CodeBook NameAssignments
5671Research MethodsView Assignments
5672Ancient Cultures and Civilization of IndiaView Assignments
5673Muslim in India View Assignments
5674Early Islamic HistoryView Assignments
5675Constitutional Development and Muslim Response in IndiaView Assignments
5676Historical Research MethodsView Assignments
5677Mughal Rule in IndiaView Assignments
5678Decline of the Mughals in IndiaView Assignments
5679HistoriographyView Assignments
5680Rise of the British and Muslim Rule in IndiaView Assignments
5687History of (former) NWFP (KP) View Assignments
5688Afghanistan: A Synoptic HistoryView Assignments
5689History of Modern India (1947-2006) View Assignments
5690History of Pakistan-II (1971-2008) (5690)View Assignments
5691History of BalochistanView Assignments
5692Muslim Political Thought View Assignments
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